Void Left By Moog – Introducing Taiga Keyboard

Pittsburgh Modular's new Taiga Keyboard Synthesizer

When Moog Music was purchased last year by the large music conglomerate inMusic, fans worried that there would be a void in the production of physical quality made, fun and innovative synthesizers. The inMusic purchase happened last summer, 2023 and to date Moog has almost exclusively released software synths and software versions of previously released physical products, ie the discontinued Moogerfooger effects pedals.

Physical products take time to create, develop, and manufacture. Despite all that, the feeling is there and the void is real. Will Moog eventually release another line of new and innovative synthesizers that we can touch? Maybe? The answer at this point is who knows?

The good news for synthesizer and music fans is that this void will be filled eventually as long as there is a demand for physical synthesizers and keyboards. And it looks like that is happening already.

Pittsburgh Modular just announced the Taiga Keyboard.

It’s a 37 key synthesizer with 3 oscillators and everything you would expect in a traditional synthesizer but with unique Pittsburgh stuff! For example, the Pittsburgh filter, a unique controller that simultaneously manages both amplitude and harmonic content, and 60 patch points making it a super flexible semi-modular synthesizer.

We said semi-modular which it is but there’s more to it. This thing is semi-modular in a whole new way. What’s most impressive and stood out the most about this new synth is the addition of a small but fully modular expansion bay! You can add anything you want (with the space provided) to this thing!

According to Pittsburgh Modular :

Taiga Keyboard also includes a first-of-its-kind, 24hp Eurorack format modular expansion bay. The fully modular signal path of Taiga means modules can be inserted into any point of the signal path. Install a 4th or 5th oscillator into the expansion bay and create truly monster sounds. Additional filters allow for an expanded sonic palette. Add a sampler, sequencer, complex digital effects, or even a Maths. The integrated Eurorack expansion bay allows Taiga Keyboard to be customized to meet the unique needs of any artist.

The Taiga Keyboard has a suggested retail price at $1299 and is available now.

It was sad news when Moog Music was sold (again) but if a void is created by the sale, we welcome those who come to fill it.