Pittsburgh Modular Taiga

Pittsburgh Modular Taiga

Intro : The Taiga by Pittsburgh Modular Pittsburgh Modular recently introduced the Taiga. The Taiga (pronounced “T-eye-ga”) is a paraphonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with some interesting tweaks to more traditional analog synths you may have seen in this category. What makes the Taiga unique are the 3 oscillator set with custom wave shapers, the distinct Pittsburgh Modular Taiga

Synthesizer Effects And Using Guitar Effects Pedals With Synthesizers

Synthesizer Effects - Guitar Pedals

Synthesizers And Effects Whether you’re a professional musician or simply a hobbyist that enjoys tinkering with a synth now and then one thing is certain, synthesizers sound great with effects. In fact, a lot of synthesizers come with built in effects. A few common synthesizer effects that you’ll find built into a synth include delay, Synthesizer Effects And Using Guitar Effects Pedals With Synthesizers

What is an Audio Interface?


What is an Audio Interface? An audio interface is a go-between device that allows you to connect an instrument to a computer. A typical audio interface allows input and output of audio, as well as other possible connections like MIDI or USB connections. Inputs are typically used to connect musical instruments, or microphones. Outputs are What is an Audio Interface?

Wavetable Synthesis Explained

wavetable synthesis

What is Wavetable Synthesis? Wavetable synthesis is a method of sound creation that involves using a table of digital audio waveforms (wavetables). Wavetable synthesis is considered specific to digital synthesizers and not something you would encounter with an analog synthesizer. The waveforms are stored in the memory of a wavetable synthesizer and used as the Wavetable Synthesis Explained

Subtractive Synthesis Explained

What is Subtractive Synthesis? Subtractive synthesis is a method of sound creation that was popularized by synthesizers from the 60’s and 70’s. Today, this method is by far the most popular method for sound creation in synthesizers and is an important process to learn and understand when creating sound on any synthesizer. The basic principal Subtractive Synthesis Explained

What is MIDI CC?

midi keyboard

MIDI Overview If you’re a musician you’ve likely heard of MIDI. Maybe you are just getting started or maybe you use it with every project. MIDI describes a number of things, which we go over in this post here —> What Is MIDI? If you’re new to MIDI or not familiar with it at all, What is MIDI CC?

How Do Vinyl Records Work?

vinyl playing on turntable

How Do Vinyl Records Work? Vinyl records store music and audio in a physical format that can be played back and enjoyed with special equipment. The main equipment being a record player (or turntable), audio cables, and speakers. Most people know this much about vinyl records. You put the record on the turntable, it spins, How Do Vinyl Records Work?

What is an Audiophile?

vacuum tubes

What is an Audiophile? Audiophile is a term used to describe a person that is a HiFi enthusiast. That is, someone that enjoys or even obsesses over listening to music with the highest quality equipment available. They desire the best reproduction of the original sounds of the recording. Audiophiles are consumed with the idea of What is an Audiophile?

What Does Monophonic Mean?

keyboard - monophonic

What Does Monophonic Mean? Monophonic is a term used most frequently in regards to music. The word, “monophonic” is made from the two words, mono and phonic. Mono means single or one, while phonic means voice. When we put these together monophonic simply means “one voice”. One voice in music can be taken literally as What Does Monophonic Mean?

What is Optical Audio?


What is Optical Audio? Optical audio or TOSLINK (Toshiba Link) is a fiber optic system used for sending digital audio in the form of light (pulse code modulated audio). You’ll commonly see optical audio as an option in consumer electronics like televisions, gaming consoles, or DVD / Bluray players for sending audio. The devices will What is Optical Audio?