What is an Audio Interface?


What is an Audio Interface? An audio interface is a go-between device that allows you to connect an instrument to a computer. A typical audio interface allows input and output of audio, as well as other possible connections like MIDI or USB connections. Inputs are typically used to connect musical instruments, or microphones. Outputs are What is an Audio Interface?

How Do Vinyl Records Work?

vinyl playing on turntable

How Do Vinyl Records Work? Vinyl records store music and audio in a physical format that can be played back and enjoyed with special equipment. The main equipment being a record player (or turntable), audio cables, and speakers. Most people know this much about vinyl records. You put the record on the turntable, it spins, How Do Vinyl Records Work?

What is MIDI?

what is midi?

What is Midi? The word “MIDI” is an acronym for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface,” but what is it? What is MIDI? This is a short question with a long answer. To help answer this question we’re going to represent MIDI as a square. There are four sides to the square that make up what MIDI What is MIDI?

What is HiFi?

what is hifi

What is HiFi? HiFi is the shorthand version of the words “High Fidelity”, but what is it? Let’s explore the origins and history of the word to get an idea of where it comes from and what it has come to mean today. High Fidelity To understand what high fidelity (or HiFi) is, we’ll break What is HiFi?

What Are XLR Cables?

XLR Male Connector Cable

What Are XLR Cables XLR cables are most often found in professional audio setups. You’ll see them used for microphone connections, mixing boards, as well as speaker connections. They’re also common in video and stage lighting. They are easily identifiable by their unique plug and socket design. The most common XLR cable is the three What Are XLR Cables?

What Are TRS Cables?

TRS cable

What Are TRS Cables TRS cables are often found in setups for audio production. The “TRS” stands for “Tip, Ring, Sleeve”. It’s easy to see why when you look at the plug at the end of one of these cables. The TRS cable has three conductors. The three conductors are separated by an insulator, typically What Are TRS Cables?