How Do Vinyl Records Work?

vinyl playing on turntable

How Do Vinyl Records Work? Vinyl records store music and audio in a physical format that can be played back and enjoyed with special equipment. The main equipment being a record player (or turntable), audio cables, and speakers. Most people know this much about vinyl records. You put the record on the turntable, it spins, How Do Vinyl Records Work?

Turntable Stylus Types


Cartridges and Styli When it comes to record players and turntables, there are a ton of different cartridges to choose from. Cartridges may vary in quality and parts used. From the diamond tip, cantilever, suspension, magnet quality, to the coils. Quite possibly the most important part is the diamond stylus. This is the little point Turntable Stylus Types

How to Tell if Your Turntable Stylus is Bad

record player stylus

Stylus Needle Replacement Knowing how to tell if your turntable stylus is bad is an important step in protecting your vinyls from damage. When the stylus (or needle) on your turntable or record player goes bad its important to replace it sooner than later. A bad stylus can damage your records and scratch them. A How to Tell if Your Turntable Stylus is Bad