What is an Audio Interface?


What is an Audio Interface? An audio interface is a go-between device that allows you to connect an instrument to a computer. A typical audio interface allows input and output of audio, as well as other possible connections like MIDI or USB connections. Inputs are typically used to connect musical instruments, or microphones. Outputs are What is an Audio Interface?

What is MIDI CC?

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MIDI Overview If you’re a musician you’ve likely heard of MIDI. Maybe you are just getting started or maybe you use it with every project. MIDI describes a number of things, which we go over in this post here —> What Is MIDI? If you’re new to MIDI or not familiar with it at all, What is MIDI CC?

What is MIDI?

what is midi?

What is Midi? The word “MIDI” is an acronym for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface,” but what is it? What is MIDI? This is a short question with a long answer. To help answer this question we’re going to represent MIDI as a square. There are four sides to the square that make up what MIDI What is MIDI?